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Hammer fitting to Vermeer, TG 800/1000/8000/9000, with 8 layers of CGP, USM style

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Hammer USM style with eight layers of CGP, fitting to Vermeer shredders TG 800, TG 1000, TG 8000 en TG9000.

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Hammer fitting to Vermeer TG 800, TG 1000, TG 8000 en TG9000 fast turning woodshredders. There are eight layers of CGP welded on, to protect the hammer against wearing. The hammer is executed in USM style, meaning that the cutting edges of this hammer are sharper than the original, making it more effective when it comes to cutting of certain material. This hammer does his job best in green waste, because this is more rigid.

Additional Information
SKU VER-CGP8-02820
number of CGP layers 8
number of tungsten inserts 0
type of product ATWT Private label
weight 2.8200
Part Tip/Hammer
Application shredding

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